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Horoscope 2022: Here is what’s in store for you for this yearbazaar horoscope

Horoscope 2022: Here is what’s in store for you for this yearbazaar horoscope

Horoscope 2022: Here is what’s in store for you for this yearbazaar horoscopeHoroscope Today, for Virgo, Aries, Pisces and other signs — check astrological prediction

ARIES (March 21 – April20)

2022 SUMMARYFamilies and how to survive them: that’s your area of expertise early in the year, now that Mars has its great wooden spoon out, stirring up the murky depths at home. There’s a simple way to dodge this planet’s little blind spots, and that’s to spend your valuable energy on activities which mean a lot to you but may have nothing to with people who think they own you. From June onwards you should do what you do best, and that’s tackle practical questions. While everyone else is causing chaos you can roll your sleeves up, fix broken objects, patch up relationships and move steadily up the ladder of personal success. Given that your Autumn stars are delightfully auspicious, you can also afford to feel confident late in the year; somehow, you will have acquired a knack of being in the best place at the right time.

LOVE AND ROMANCEJanuary opens with Jupiter aligned with regions which give you your romantic sensitivity and encourages you to fall in love, which means that a period of success in partnerships is just around the corner. The contacts which you forge in March and the goodwill you create in April will live on through the year, enhancing your chances of social and romantic success in July. The presence of Mercury and Venus in your sign in October-November reveals all the hallmarks of emotional contentment and opportunity. But that’s mainly because you’ll be taking the lead and issuing the invitations.×1.png

KEY DATE: May brings a touch of love and a hint of extra harmony – plus a pleasurable meeting.

WORK AND MONEYThere’ll be moments when social affairs are centred around the work-front, with the likelihood that you will be especially attracted to people because of their achievements or social status. In the same vein you will be looking to impress others by virtue of your own success. Money matters are going to be complex and time-consuming for most of the year, so be careful in all your financial dealings and be prepared for a number of ups and downs around May, June and July. In November and December, a strong astrological configuration in air signs means success will come to you without too much effort on your part.

HOME AND FAMILYFriends and relations will be making offers by April, but it’s possible that you might not notice some of them, or that others may be to come later in the year. Still, by July, most of you will be coping with a new proposal which could turn out to be highly advantageous. Work hard to make sure exciting offers don’t pass you by. August’s Full Moon stimulates your sign, an indication that you must literally expect some opposition to your plans. Actually, there’s little chance of any serious friction and every hope that agreement will be reached quickly. The only fly in the ointment comes from our old friend Mars, a planet not noted for its commitment to universal peace and harmony.


Praise and appreciation head your way in April.

TAURUS (April 21 – May 21)

2022 SUMMARYYou get the distinct feeling that other people are just not valuing you enough in January and February. Actually, you’re a truly remarkable person and anyone who imagines they know you at all well, should recognise this instantly. If they don’t, you may need to show them the door. Your leading talents from May onwards lie in that most lively of areas, the performing arts. You’ll be most at home when dividing your time between your personal creative pursuits and an ongoing twenty-four-hour party. There’s a distinctly conservative feel to Autumn events though, so a night at the opera may be top of your list. Still, what’s most important is that you re-live your youth. You might find that those teenage pleasures weren’t so much fun after all!

LOVE AND ROMANCEYou’ll be changing your mind and adjusting your feelings from January to March, leading partners a merry old dance. By April you’ll see that it’s time to put your dreams into action and accept nothing less than the best. You’ll probably be taking a number of short but inspiring trips, searching for love as you go. You may have to revisit old emotional territory in August, retaking decisions you thought had been finished with long ago. Perhaps new information has come to light. Partners will come to your aid, but will also have ideas as to how your home life can be improved. Attention to details will be worth your while in September, and romantic partners will appreciate your care.

KEY DATE: April and May find a social debt paid in full, to your great happiness.

WORK AND MONEYYour year gets under way with such astrologically harmonious conditions prevailing that there’s no danger you will come unstuck, providing you adopt a subtle approach to your affairs. On the other hand, if you force issues at the wrong moment, your plans could well unravel. And that’s why you need to be less concerned with your own feelings and more aware of colleagues’ questions. There are also excellent indications for those in the property market, but don’t be reckless or you may get more than you bargained for. The last thing you want to do now is end up back at square one!

HOME AND FAMILYFamily intrigues dominate your life until early March but, once uncertainty is over, you will be in a much better position to set the agenda. May is a month to get out and about and exercise your flagging energy, so forget your normal serious domestic duties and have a little fun for a change. That irresistible combo, Mercury and Mars, make June an ideal time for travel, catching up with family members who are far away. July is a month of remarkable romantic opportunity and there are bound to be ripples at home; great tact and diplomacy will be necessary if you are to achieve your aims. You’ll take the lead once again in December closing the year on a high note.

TOP TIPReap well-deserved rewards in July.

GEMINI(May 22 – June 21)

2022 SUMMARYThere’s a lively slant to your stars, as if they’re trying to give you a gentle nudge into pastures new. In fact, close partners will drive you in untried directions, opening the window onto a whole new life. Sure, they may be expecting you to make up for their frustrations, but that doesn’t really matter so long as you achieve your ends. There’s another side to the picture over the Summer, signalled by Venus’ intense relationship with high-energy Mars. This suggests that people who are under stress are about to blow – so take cover! Your need for financial and professional recognition reaches a peak in the Autumn but, before you put a partner under too much pressure, give them a chance to back out!

LOVE AND ROMANCEVenus, the planet of love and emotion, swings this way and that from January to March. There’ll be plenty of emotional pressures, sowing the seeds for developments up to July – but why not give yourself a break, drop your defences and let your feelings out? Life will be much more fun if you follow your heart and respond spontaneously to the new people who will be coming into your life. Behind the scenes, though, and out of sight of even those who imagine they know you best, you’ll be coping with certain matters which are far from frivolous. If you are on the receiving end of any attractive invitations, take them as the perfect opportunity to break the habits of a lifetime and get over your fear of commitment.

KEY DATE: Late March finds you benefiting from Venus, planet of grace, and Mercury, symbol of bright ideas.

WORK AND MONEYThe first part of the year is so uncertain that if you change your job once, you could change it a thousand times. September is probably the most solid month as far as money is concerned, partly because it seems that improvements that happen now will take place as a result of your own efforts in the past, rather than by a whim on behalf of planets which tend to build you up now only to let you down later. The most positive changes concern foreign countries and distant cultures. There could be profitable investments in places far afield. Or perhaps your work will connect you up with people on the other side of the world. Your number one asset is your ability to listen to other people, even when you don’t agree with them.

HOME AND FAMILYPassionate Pluto’s long-term relationship with your sign raises long-term questions. But if you always shy away from difficult choices, you can become chronically incapable of ever making a decision, and when there’s nobody to rely on, you are completely lost. You may also become much too dependent on other people, suppressing your own interests, concealing your true feelings, playing down your ideas and generally failing to make the most of your potential. That is why, in April and October, you will be standing up for yourself acquiring new authority and respect.

TOP TIPFebruary gives you just the tonic you need.

CANCER (June 22nd – July 23rd)

2022 SUMMARYMany are called, but few are chosen. Don’t worry, your time is coming. All you have to do is wait until your number comes up and spend your time preparing the ground. Don’t rush into early decisions, but do consult all the experts, especially friends who understand your predicament because they’ve been there, done that and got the tee shirt! Also, you should be aware that your Summer stars have a deep significance for all your one-to-one relationships. Some ties will quietly fade away, but out of the ashes you’re likely to forge at least one partnership that will last for years and satisfy both your personal and professional needs. You couldn’t really ask for more!

LOVE AND ROMANCEYou’ll be saying one thing at the beginning of January, something else at the end, another in February and a fourth in March. How confusing! April will be significant as a result of useful exchanges of news or information, and you will be prepared for issues which relate to overseas contacts to come to the boil. Holiday romance and overseas love could be on the agenda. Mars and Jupiter add their passionate presence in June and you could have a very pleasant and fulfilling period if you spend as little time as possible engaged in routine matters, and devote as much effort as you can to all activities of a pleasurable or creative nature.

KEY DATE: Let rip in June when your social and romantic stars will hit a high.

WORK AND MONEYSocial stars and business planets are perfectly aligned, although that doesn’t mean that success will be served up on a plate. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. You will thrive on challenges, and there should be plenty of them. Early in the year you will be faced with the choice as to what is most important: more money or greater satisfaction. You can opt for both right now, but in the long run you will need to go one way or the other. July brings fresh responsibilities, most likely as part of a new team. October brings financial issues into sharp focus, and it could turn out that the old ways that are more profitable than new investments and earning potential. And at the end of year stand back for a moment, and let partners set the pace.

HOME AND FAMILYIt’s a time for positive change, and people who accuse you of being rigid and unfeeling will finally be proved wrong. If only they could see how vulnerable you are inside. Perhaps they’ll see the emotional knots in which you tie yourself as you agonise over what is the best thing to do in February. They don’t see how upset you become when you are badly treated, perhaps because you’re so good at keeping it to yourself. Even if other people don’t see it, it’s essential that you understand what children and younger relations are up to over the summer. You may even have to lay down the law as the year draws to a close.

TOP TIPWork had and play hard is your motto from July onwards.

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LEO (July 24th – August 23rd)

2022 SUMMARYYou’re experiencing those magic moments that always come with Venus’ benevolent passage through your chart, taking your charisma to new heights. In fact, you’ve got a massive in-built advantage in every personal and professional situation in the first part of the year. It’s as if other people sense that you’re someone they should respect – but they’re not quite sure why! Other good news before the summer includes the possibility that a leisure interest might generate some income or that a part-time job could become permanent. Your public and private lives merge in the Autumn, pleasure unites with business and making money becomes fun – so be a wage-slave no longer.

LOVE AND ROMANCEYou can count on friendly planets improving your romantic position somewhat, but it’s up to you to accept them – or refuse. And your future happiness depends on that simple ability to choose. Ultimately your romantic happiness rests on whether you want to concentrate on your career or public commitments – or on private passions and desires. Your need for emotional security grows steadily stronger and, as the months pass, you will be increasingly prepared to do whatever it takes to make relationships work rather than taking partners for granted. That’s very praiseworthy and bodes well for your future success.

KEY DATE: You’ll get the better of a personal partnership in October – and everyone should benefit.

WORK AND MONEYYou’re going to have to make some hard decisions concerning your work, pruning dead wood or else accepting additional responsibilities. However, if you do take on something new, it should be in a spirit of total determination: you must be willing to face the consequences of your choice and not change course in mid-stream. Travel stars predominate in June so you may be on the road, checking out new business options, exploring fresh professional possibilities. You’ll ask yourself whether you can really afford to take a trip at this time? The other, easier option is that you stay put and the world comes to you.

HOME AND FAMILYYou are noted by astrologers for your reluctance to tie yourself down, and more than any other sign you demand the freedom to take off at a moment’s notice in pursuit of strange dreams, or perhaps an unlikely adventure. The result is often a life that is far richer and more varied than those of your friends who are stuck in a nine-to-five grind. In passionate affairs, dramatic career changes, global travel, life in foreign climes and other activities that the rest of us regard as highly exotic, are the basic necessities of life for the true Scorpio. Yet there’ll times at the end of the year when the party has to stop and when reality reasserts itself.

TOP TIPJune to October brings outstandingly pleasurable gatherings.

VIRGO (August 24th-September 23rd)

2022 SUMMARYThis is an important business year for you, and there’ll be moments when you can enjoy a spot of profitable speculation, provided you make sure you’ve got all your options covered, first. Towards the end of the spring personal relationships will assume greater prominence, and you will need to act with consistency to avoid problems with colleagues. A little forward planning will work wonders! You’ll be examining your own achievements and spiritual aspirations, and it is important for you to act in accordance with your ideals, rather than be swayed by what other people expect of you. That’s the best thing you can learn this year!

KEY DATE: Late March brings your peak romantic powers.

LOVE AND ROMANCEYou may find it surprisingly difficult to talk openly about what’s going on in your life, not because you’re being secretive but because of your strong feelings on the matter. After April, a mystery may surface from the past, which you will need to clear up – and you would be well advised to pick your words with care! Plus, sit down and take stock of your social life. If you are thinking about shuffling your circle of friends, make your decisions any time after June. Planetary patterns in August and September bring what has been a rather intense period to an end and, from then on, things will start to be somewhat lively – if not electrifying!

WORK AND MONEYFirst, you’ll recognise the ways in which your attitudes and behaviour create unwanted consequences, and then you’ll realise how you can change your destiny by altering your approach. At work, you’ll reinforce the all-round impression that you are a pleasant and considerate person even when Mars increases stress levels after May. With a little support from employers, you’ll conquer your fear of the future and, by August, you’ll be contemplating your next leap into the unknown with courage and confidence. Your financial prospects are very uncertain, and it could be October before all your efforts pay off, and a thumping loss becomes a healthy profit.

HOME AND FAMILYEverything in the astrological scheme of things has a purpose, and events and feelings which seem to be ‘bad’ could be just what you need! All are challenges which prod you into changing your attitudes and setting off on a new and positive path. In January a dose of Neptunian confusion or uncertainty will compel you to consider your options. A burst of Uranian disruption in February forces you to face up to the future and let go of the past. A barrage of Jupiterian offers after June leaves you with no alternative but to redouble your efforts and begin to create your dream home.

TOP TIPYour energy picks up in September, and you’ll be able to put the past behind you.

LIBRA (September 24 – October 23)

2022 SUMMARYThis is set to be a lively year, mainly because the brakes are off, and because recent restraints should be lifted. It looks as if everything that is fundamental to your existence could be in a state of flux – with pleasant consequences. This is a time when, if you care to, you could turn your hand to almost anything. Beware, however, of arguments later in the year, and make allowances for other people – and be tolerant of their little ways. Tact is the key word here. You are poised to enter a major adventurous stage in your life and there is no doubt that, whatever the ups and downs in the short-term, you will come through with flying colours in the end. Expect the best and the rest may happen!

LOVE AND ROMANCEYou’ll never entirely lose your natural shyness, but you’re becoming ever more willing to open up. Socially, March is secretive, favouring discreet liaisons, but April is much more confident and could bring dramatic events occurring around the electrifying Full Moon. Don’t allow yourself to be a doormat and arrange social affairs to suit yourself and take hold of the reins where emotional matters are concerned. On the financial front, you must take strenuous steps to get organised if your romantic dreams are dependent on the size of your bank balance: make your cash work towards your deeper happiness, serving your heart.

KEY DATE: Let your hair down in March and go all out for professional acclaim in October.

WORK AND MONEYYou might experience one or two shocks early in the year, perhaps because it becomes clear that what you’ve done so far is just not good enough. Still, you’ll be able to radically reorganise your working life for the better. Your task is a difficult one: to preserve what is best about the past at the same time as actively promoting the future, working to build up your security and responsibilities even while you retain a sense of absolute freedom to do and feel as you please. You may not be fond of hard work, yet the year will be much more fortunate than otherwise if you consciously put as much effort as you can into developing new responsibilities.

HOME AND FAMILYNow that the planets are once again gathering in inspirational parts of your chart, you may be even more determined to create your own domestic paradise. Yet, you know better than most, that real life is not always as it seems, and between January and July you could be pushing the bounds of what is possible. Freedom beckons, as does more space and luxury, so seize every offer that comes your way – at least until you can see whether it’s going to work or not. Although you are still poised to rid yourself of various personal constraints, you may have to wait a little longer yet. Patience will be rewarded.

TOP TIPNovember brings accolades.

SCORPIO(October 24th – November 22nd)

2022 SUMMARYBack to basics. That’s this year’s priority. That doesn’t mean you can’t set off on a whole new adventure but, whenever you do so, you need to have firm foundations to return to. At home, at work and in your most intimate affairs, take the opportunity to get to the bottom of problems which have been irritating you – or generally causing confusion. March is, by tradition, one of your busiest months, especially in domestic matters. You may reach a point where you decide that enough is enough and make a fresh start in a whole series of activities. Do remember that the best route is to find a middle path and that, therefore, diplomacy and tact are always your best bet.

LOVE AND ROMANCEEarly March brings your most exciting social stars, with a high chance of dramatic new meetings. Your dilemma, though, will be to decide whether to keep your romantic ties exactly as they are, or turn everything upside down. The New Moon in April offers you the chance to lay down the law and make sure that loved ones respect your needs, and the New Moon in July may herald electrifying events on the romantic front. However, don’t expect everything to go your way. At such times as this, developments often happen so fast that it is difficult to keep control of them. The combination of Venus and Jupiter in mid-September could signal your best period.

KEY DATE: Jupiter’s relationship with Saturn in August enables you to work hard without losing sight of your vision of the future.

WORK AND MONEYYou might experience one or two surprises early in the year, perhaps because it becomes clear that what you’ve done so far may be good, but needs to be even better. Still, you’ll be able to radically reorganise your working life for the best. Your task is a difficult one: to preserve what is most admirable about the past at the same time as actively promoting the future, working to build up your security and responsibilities even while you retain a sense of absolute freedom to do and feel as you please. You may not be fond of hard work, yet the year will be much more fortunate than otherwise if you consciously put as much effort as you can into developing new responsibilities.

HOME AND FAMILYThere is no escape from the blunt fact that the beginning of the year will be busier than usual and that you will be pre-occupied with extra tasks as well as routine chores. Try to see such a period as a necessary phase of constructive security. The burden will be lifting by early March and when, in June, the Moon meets the Sun, you will be poised to spring into action with renewed vigour. If you have been caged by obligations and emotional ties, you may break free with one magnificent bound. People you live with will just have to put up with you!

TOP TIPFollow your hunches in May and listen to your imagination in August.

SAGITTARIUS (November 23rd – December 22nd)

2022 SUMMARYThis is sure to be an ambitious year and, even if you’ve paid no attention to career issues over the last year, you’ll suddenly find yourself making applications, seeking promotion and generally trying to secure respect from friends and colleagues. Partners may have to learn to take second place. The last half of the year brings a set of challenging planetary alignments although you will be less affected than will many of your friends. Your financial affairs could be in temporary turmoil, though, but with refreshing and hopefully profitable consequences in the end.

LOVE AND ROMANCEVenus, your starry romantic lead opens the year on an expensive note. You could be splashing out, keeping a loved one happy, or just enjoying the thrill of expensive nights out. Enjoy such pleasures while you can, but also bear in mind that what really matters is the value you place on partnerships. The deeper question concerns your ability to listen to partners without judging, and respect their ambitions, even if you don’t entirely see eye-to-eye. June’s enlightening Full Moon encourages you to revive old friendships, getting in touch with people you haven’t seen for far too long. There’s nothing wrong with nostalgia and it can do you a power of good to relive the past – as long as you don’t get stuck! A spot of friction around October could work you your benefit if it helps you make an overdue personal decision. And please remember to keep loved ones in the loop!

KEY DATE: Venus, the planet of love sends powerful influences in June, bringing good fortune in its wake.

WORK AND MONEYFebruary’s Full Moon suggests that this is a time to embark on a financial or professional adventure. Yet, if you’re as tied as the rest of us, you should take it slowly, and use great care with all legal matters, sparing no effort to get the details right. One of your main concerns will be money, the need for more and the necessity to sensibly handle that which does come your way. Mars, planet of energy and assertion, forms an extravagant alignment in August, so this could be your moment to build your future prosperity.

HOME AND FAMILYIt will soon be your duty to go into battle! At the heart of the matter is Mars’ magnetic movement through your chart in January and February, pushing you harder than ever to strive to achieve your ambitions. But will family members back you? Yes, but only if you’re nice to them. No shouting! You may not be surprised to hear that domestic ambitions are dominant in June, although you will realise just how closely your public hopes are tied to your private world. It might not be until July or August that you achieve your wish of more spacious and comfortable accommodation. That’s not long to wait, and any delays will provide you with the time to revise plans in your favour.

TOP TIPSet your sights high in April – as high as you can.

CAPRICORN (December 23rd – January 20th)

2022 SUMMARYIt’s a slow start to the year even when you are brimming with energy. I know it’s not easy to adjust to the feeling that you’re running through treacle but that’s what the world will feel like, so you may as well grin and bear it. So what can you do? Well, this honestly seems like an ideal moment for a good rest for a few months! You’ll have to accomplish the bare minimum to keep things ticking over until June but, apart from that, you might just head for the beach until the pace picks up again. Your strongest, most auspicious months should be from August onwards, so set some time aside for a small bout of world conquest – and definitely sort out a partner’s irritating ways.

LOVE AND ROMANCEYou know what you want, but not always what you need. Somehow, though, it seems that you may be responsible for a certain amount of romantic tension, perhaps because you tend to make demands which can never be fulfilled. Be careful, as stress in any field could seriously hamper your financial prospects and you don’t want problems of the heart to hit your cash flow. Far better to keep relationships on an even keel and maintain a prosperous aura. November is bound to be an interesting month, if only because you’re facing a combination of creative social opportunities and continuing overseas travel. You’d certainly gain enormously from a trip to far away places.

KEY DATE: Your energy hits a high in October, and you’ll be trying new solutions to old problems.

WORK AND MONEYTo start with, take advantage of serious opportunities to make a profit or boost your income in April and May. Stunning developments in your career are likely at several times, mainly when Venus and Mars take a hand in your affairs during June and July. Hopefully all your years of effort will be well rewarded, thanks to the passage of the wonderful planet Jupiter through supportive regions of your chart from July onwards. You must, though, see to it that home and family circumstances are taken care of, and not threatened by professional changes. Profitable financial trends return in November, but you may be more interested in enjoying yourself than in salting away more cash.

HOME AND FAMILYThe combined impact of all your friendly planets provides you with firm foundations on which to build. You can be comfortable in the knowledge that your archetypal, essential nature, especially your gentle conservatism, is just what the situation demands until at least April or May. However, a sub-plot is being played out by Venus, planet of love. This is likely to mean that your personal relationships, particularly those that impinge on your family life, are due to go through an uncertain phase after August. You would be well advised to be flexible and accommodate other people’s wishes.

TOP TIPTurn personal tension to positive advantage in July – work hard and make creative choices.

AQUARIUS (January 21st – February 20th)

2022 SUMMARYThe year starts on a busy note. This should please you, as you’re a highly motivated person and you don’t like to be away from your pet projects for too long. You’ll be filling up your professional calendar, while at the same time getting on with all the routine chores and obligations expected of you, which is just the right combination for success. Although you like to hold centre stage, you’ll be operating very much behind the scenes. Colleagues look like having the edge and you may feel that they’re not being as reliable as you’d like them to be. Your spirit is a creative one, though, and, if you have strong aspirations in the world of the arts you must start coming to terms with them if you don’t want to suffer endless frustration.

LOVE AND ROMANCEAs January opens you find yourself entering a period of transition. A dilemma may arise in your social life, and you will have to go to great lengths to ensure that partners are content with your activities. Romantic concerns may well be taking precedence over work in the first part of the year for the simple reason that professional matters may be so complicated that you do not know which way to turn – and it’s easier to enjoy a spot of emotional escapism. However, there’s also inspiration in the air, so don’t be tempted to sit around waiting for people to come your way without any effort on your part. Take the initiative!

KEY DATE: April brings your most powerful stars for many years.

WORK AND MONEYJupiter’s enthusiastic position will reinforce your livelier and more ambitious qualities in March, but in July you’ll enter a more business-like phase. In other words, your main priority will be to build on the opportunities which you have created in the past, and to lay foundations for enterprise in the future when exciting influences return. Your financial prospects look strongest in September-October, but it seems that while your turnover will increase, savings will not, and that any rise in your earnings will be compensated for by an increase in your spending.

HOME AND FAMILYTry to see people and situations as they really are from now on, and don’t be too concerned with material interests. Although it’s true that for most of the year there’ll be a powerful planetary alignment in your most friendly signs, emphasising your wonderfully practical outlook on life, these planets will also encourage family members to speak up for themselves by July – and they’ll inspire you to make more of your talents. This means that, if you haven’t done so already, by November, you will be developing your creative skills. At the very least you should expand your horizons to take in colourful new interests and activities.

TOP TIPSpare no effort to achieve your chosen goals in June.

PISCES(February 21st – March 20th)

2022 SUMMARYYou should be getting out and about, enjoying yourself and making useful contacts for the future. With Jupiter, planet of good fortune, so prominent you can hardly fail to try your best in all relationships – and there’s an excellent chance of success. One word of warning, though – don’t put such huge demands on partners that they can never be fulfilled. By the middle of the year, you should notice a distinct improvement in your social situation, perhaps because you’re much more confident, and happy to stand up for yourself. Later in the year romance will be based around home entertaining, with old friends who are more like part of the family appearing on the scene.

LOVE AND ROMANCEYour well-known sensitivity will stand you in good stead, giving you the empathy that enables you to understand partners’ problems when nobody else has a clue. You should begin the year in a sociable mood, happier than usual to get out, mix and practise your social skills – which are often much better than you imagine. Where you see yourself as shy or awkward, other people see you as charming and considerate, just the kind of qualities to guarantee your popularity. You may withdraw behind your shell in March, but April finds you on good form, re-emerging, attracting attention and – potentially – hosting some memorable gatherings. October and November bring far-away influences and the people who come into your life could be from different cultures or distant places, all of which could be most stimulating!

KEY DATE: The Full Moon in November gives you a much-needed energy boost.

WORK AND MONEYMuch of what happens at work or in the financial arena depends on how you manage your relationships, and how far you are able to follow your own interests and achieve a suitable level of cooperation; not an easy task. March and June are the most hopeful months for financial improvements, while February and July favour advances in your career. Even though your interests will not be directly affected by these alignments, your general environment will be. During the latter part of September and the whole of October you’ll be coming to the aid of colleagues whose careers are in a mess.

HOME AND FAMILYYour horoscope for the first half of the year continues in a state which can only be described as perfect. True, there are many challenges, especially in your family affairs and in your ability to deal with people you live with, yet it is in coping with such questions that the path to true self-understanding lies. And, from self-awareness flows that feeling of contentment for which you yearn. What makes your chart so utterly remarkable until July is the presence of the small and little-known celestial body, Chiron, in an alignment with your house of marriage. Chiron is known as a teacher, a healer, a bringer of strange encounters. Any wish made in the right spirit must therefore soon be granted.

TOP TIPEthical issues loom large in October: always be sure to do the right thing.

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